Joana Vasconcelos

I noticed a big difference between my old school and E.S. Montemor-o-Velho, there is no match. In my previous school, teachers did not understand my situation. I was considered one more student like many others and that was very complicated. I had to do everything like my other colleagues… there was no understanding. It was very difficult to reconcile my studies and my activity as a high performance athlete.

Maria Cabrita

I once asked the School tutor to go home because I missed my family so much. I was away from school for a week. When I returned I had everything at my disposal to recover that week. It was fantastic.

UAARE Student

It was my first year attending this school and the UAARE project. I think it is very important for athletes to be able to reconcile sports practice with studies because it is becoming more and more complicated. This project only helps us in that sense. Despite having only taken one course this year, when I was absent for sporting reasons, my teacher helped me in everything so that I would not be late in the subject and consequently impaired. It is important to thank all the teachers involved in this project because this is very important for us, both for our academic and sports life.

Bruno Cruz

Everything improved here, even the grades. Here the school schedule is more flexible and it is possible to better reconcile the school with training. For us athletes, this is fundamental.

UAARE student

The most important thing for me was being able to have support to recover material given during classes that I missed due to training or competitions abroad. It was also important to have in the Sala Aprender + teachers with competence in the various subject areas most important to me (Mathematics; Physical Chemistry and Portuguese). The teachers' understanding of my situation as a high-performance student and athlete was also an asset.