Digital learning environment

The UAARE digital learning environment integrates a set of platforms and practices of the pedagogical teams and students, namely:


A web platform for distance communication, collaboration and support, between teaching teams, students, coaches, subject teachers, sports medicine centers and other UAARE stakeholders. Through group, private chats, folders and collaborative documents, daily digital notebooks, video conferencing and other instruments, UAARE school teams share practices, school and sporting successes, support their students synchronously and asynchronously, etc.

Distance education and support

In the UAARE distance education offer at Secondary School Fonseca Benevides, students-athletes are located in various locations around the world and interact with teachers and colleagues entirely at a distance. This work is supported by a learning management system, organized by years and disciplines, providing digital educational resources and activities, activity reports and assessment and feedback tools.

There is also distance support through the Teams platform for medium to long term absences.

Study Room Learn +

Innovative learning environments in UAARE schools, informed by literature and the Future Classroom Lab project, with furniture, space organization and IT equipment to support pedagogical teams and students.

Classroom 3D model

Smart Calendar

Using a digital calendar, accessible via the web and offline on any device, it is possible to conveniently coordinate and communicate UAARE student schedules. Class directors keep this calendar updated with school hours, assessment tests and other relevant school events. The trainer keeps training, study, internships, tests and other relevant sporting events up to date, and this calendar is shared with the school tutor, students and parents.

Virtual check

Registration by the student of his / her activity at SEAM and a balance of support provided.


Individual pedagogical plans articulated between the subject teachers and the SEAM team through a digital platform.


Set of low-cost equipment that students in distance education receive by mail to carry out practical, laboratory and experimental activities, built in accordance with essential learning, carrying them out in the place where they are, producing a formal or other report product that includes images of the activities, which are then evaluated by the teachers. In the end, they are returned by post to the school.