On this page you can find some legislation related to UAARE and useful to students-athletes.

Portaria n.º 275/2019, de 27 de agosto

Creates and regulates the operating conditions of the Units of Support of High Performance in School (UAARE).

Portaria n.º 275/2019 (1.29 MB)

Decreto-Lei n.º 54/2018

Establishes the principles and norms that guarantee inclusion, as a process that aims to respond to the diversity of needs and potential of each and every student, by increasing participation in the learning processes and in the life of the educational community.

Decreto-Lei n.º 54/2018 (213.38 KB)

Decreto-Lei n.º 55/2018

Establishes the curriculum of basic and secondary education, the guiding principles of its design, operationalisation and assessment of learning, in order to ensure that all students acquire the knowledge and develop the skills and attitudes that contribute to achieving the skills provided for in the Student Profile Leaving Compulsory Education.

Decreto-Lei n.º 55/2018 (332.50 KB)

Despacho n.º 9386-A/2016

Creates the pilot project "Units of Support of High Performance in School".

Despacho n.º 9386-A/2016 (239.13 KB)

Decreto-Lei n.º 45/2013

Establishes specific measures to support the preparation and international participation of national teams or other national sports representations.

Decreto-Lei n.º 45/2013 (188.01 KB)

Decreto-Lei n.º 272/2009

Establishes specific measures to support the development of high-performance sport.

Decreto-Lei n.º 272/2009 (195.88 KB)

Decreto-Lei n.º 393-A/99

Regulates the special access and entry regimes in higher education.

Decreto-Lei n.º 393-A/99 (90.78 KB)

Decreto-Lei n.º 55/2019, de 24 de abril

Creates the status of student athlete in higher education.

Decreto-Lei n.º 55/2019 (164.52 KB)