Study Room Learn + (SEAM)

UAARE has a learning environment centered on the student-athlete, with a digital environment integrated with the “physical” learning spaces. It is composed of a pedagogical team dedicated to the development of individual teaching plans, adapted to the needs of students, such as school absences and red spots (distance teaching and support in advance);

SEAM is a space that privileges the different areas of the student's profile, through the personalization of integrated learning with the specific competences of the student-athlete. It is an environment where peer learning, collaboration, communication and self-regulation are promoted, centered on an evidence-based methodology and pedagogical continuity between schools in the UAARE network.

The work at SEAM is articulated with the Class Council, in a logic of passing cases between colleagues, where the diagnosis of the learning needs of the student-athlete is clearly described, the concrete intervention at SEAM, the evidence of the activity carried out by the student. student and further reflection by the pedagogical pair (CT teacher and SEAM teacher).

The personalization of the activity is achieved through the knowledge of the historical record (individual pedagogical plan) of the support provided at SEAM, with the progressive development of essential learning and skills of the student's profile in concrete situations of the student-athlete's life, namely sports, with impact on the student's formative assessment.